County of Cumberland  
Department of Social Services

1225 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Child Placement Receptionist (910) 677-2541


Who are adoptive parents?

Adoptive parents are probably a lot like you!

 They . . .

  • are willing to make a commitment to a child for a permanent lifetime relationship.
  • are flexible in finding ways to adjust to new situations and changes
  • understand that truly accepting a child as part of their family means accepting a child's past history
  • feel good about the parenting role
  • can demonstrate healthy ways of showing affection for a child who has been sexually abused
  • are comfortable with setting firm limits and defining specific rules for the child who has been physically abused or neglected
  • will use non-physical forms of discipline in caring for children who have been physically abused or neglected
  • do not need to satisfy all their own needs as adults through their children
  • can find pleasure and take pride in the small gains children make that lead to greater achievements
  • are willing to access community supports (schools, medical, mental health, recreational resources) for their children
  • like kids
  • are probably a lot like you!


Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

They are of all ages and races; both male and female. The majority of the children are African-American and there are more boys then girls. We are especially looking for homes for sibling groups, which may be two or three children, and occasionally more. Many of the children have emotional needs, some have medical or other special needs.

Where are these children

Most children waiting to be adopted are living in foster homes. A few are in residential facilities. Cumberland County Department of Social Services maintains information on children within our county who are available for adoption and in need of a  family. We also have access to information about children who are legally free for adoption around the state and out side of North Carolina