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TANF Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does the Work First Family Assistance Program provide any cash assistance?

Work First Family Assistance provides time-limited (60 Month & 24 Month) cash assistance to families and children under the age of 18.  The Benefit Diversion Program, which is one of the Short Term Services and Benefits, also offers families one-time cash assistance.  Under this Benefit Diversion Program families are also eligible to up to three months of Medicaid and Food Stamps to meet needs which are related to maintaining or accepting employment or for those who have experienced a short break between jobs.

2. Whose income would count if I were to apply for the Work First Program Cash Assistance?

Along with meeting the eligibility requirements, a family must also be financially eligible to receive assistance. All income available to the family must be counted with certain exceptions.

3. Which resources count and which do not for Work First Family Assistance?

A family receiving Work First Family Assistance is allowed $3,000 in resources. Resources that can be readily converted to cash count toward the $3,000 limit. "Readily converted" means the resource can be converted to cash in five working days. To simplify administration of the program, items that are otherwise countable but it is unlikely they could be converted to cash in five working days are not countable.

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