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Program Integrity

The Department of Social Services must have an active fraud control plan in order to insure that public benefits meet the needs of those individuals who are eligible to receive them.


The mission of the Program Integrity Unit is to assist the Cumberland County Department of Social Services in maintaining integrity and public accountability in the administration of its programs and to provide investigation and advisory services to ensure appropriate and efficient use of available public resources.

The role of the fraud investigator is to
  • Discover, pursue, and prevent fraud
  • Seek reimbursement for overissuance/overpayments
  • Provide a deterrent to future fraud
  • Maintain program integrity
The Social Services Eligibility Investigator Code of Ethics

As investigators, we are committed to maintain the highest standards of accountability in the expenditure of public funds. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the hallmarks of our profession. We will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or relationships to influence our official decisions. We will exercise self-restraint and be constantly mindful of the welfare and constitutional rights of others. Whatever we see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to us in our official capacity will be kept secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of our duty. We will, by conduct and appearance, display the highest standards of professionalism. We will diligently strive to achieve the objectives and ideals of our profession.

Cumberland County DSS Program Integrity Unit
Name/Position District Telephone Email
Sarah Smith, Program Integrity Supervisor II
(910) 677-2357
Chanell Dora, Administrative Assistant
(910) 677-2111
Sarana Haire, Investigator
(910) 677-2729
Linda Williams, Investigator
(910) 677-2726
Amy Murphy, Investigator
(910) 677-2936
Tara Allen, Investigator
(910) 677-2727
Diane Knobloch, Accounting Clerk
(910) 677-2075


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