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Carolina ACCESS is Medicaid’s managed care program that links you with a personal doctor.  This doctor is referred to as your Primary Care Provider or PCP. Carolina ACCESS pays the doctor you choose to provide care for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Your doctor will refer you to any specialists that you may need to see as well. Carolina ACCESS requires you to see your doctor for your health care needs.  If your doctor does not feel he/she can help you then they will refer you to someone who can. 
Your Medicaid Care
You will receive your Medicaid Card every month.  This is your insurance card.  Everyone in your family will receive a separate card.  Check your card every month to make sure it is correct.  If it is not correct, call your caseworker immediately. 
The name of your doctor will be on your Medicaid card along with the office hours phone number and the after hours phone number. 
Take your card to every visit and show it to the receptionist.
What are the Advantages of Carolina ACCESS?
A personal doctor to see when you or your child gets sick or needs a check-up.  Unlike regular Medicaid, Carolina ACCESS provides you with access to medical advise by your personal doctor 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 
A “Medical Home.”  You no longer need to go to the emergency room for common illnesses.  Simply call your doctor for help. 
Getting Medical Care with Your PCP
The PCP you have chosen is responsible for providing you with medical care and referring you to specialists if you need them. 
When you have chosen your PCP, call their office and make an appointment to be seen to establish a medical record. Do not wait until you are sick to make this appointment! It is important that your PCP knows your medical history, allergies, diseases or other problems before you get sick. 
You can call your doctor at any time day or night if you are sick and worried about what you need to do. Carolina ACCESS PCPs are required to have someone available to talk with you at all times if you are sick or needing care. 
Your PCP can provide you with yearly physicals, immunizations, pap smears, mammograms, prescriptions for medicines when you are sick and can arrange for you to see a specialist if necessary. 
You must receive your care through the PCP that you have chosen.  If you do not see your PCP and go to another provider without your PCP’s knowledge, you may be responsible for the bill. 
Medicaid requires that you pay a co-payment for certain visits.  Ask your caseworker for a list of these services. 
Important People to Remember
Your Case Worker's Name and Phone Number:
Your Carolina ACCESS Doctor: