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Text Box: Low-Income Energy Assistance Program 

What is it?
The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program gives families or individuals a one time payment to help pay their heating a bills. Early in February, all eligible households receive a check in the mail.

Who is Eligible?
Families and individuals may apply. To qualify they must meet all of the following:

Household mist meet income test
Household must be responsible for its heating bill
Household cannot have resources over $2,200.
The household must include a US Citizen or a noncitizen who meets certain eligibility criteria

Where to Apply
Contact your local county department of social services where you live to find out where to apply. An elderly or disabled person who wished to apply may call the county department of social services for assistance or send a representative to the county department of social services to apply for him.

How to apply
Please take the following information to apply:

Information about your household’s income: If anyone works, take wage stubs for the month of October.
Information about your household’s savings accounts or checking accounts.
Information about your household’s property, stocks, bonds and other assets.
Name, date of birth, and social security number of each household member.

When to apply
Applications will be taken for two weeks in November of each year. Please contact your department of social services for application dates. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program is not a first-come/first-served program.